More than you really wanted to know…..

Kristin, PHD, Christopher Walken School of Cowbell, Berklee College of Music: Lead Vocals/Keys/Cowbell –   Kristin goes from Chrissie Hynde to Bon Scott and everywhere in between, while rounding out the band with synth, piano and a plethora of percussive devices.

Kiz headshot

“Who wants to do a Jagerbomb?…No?…Tequila?”


Topsy, Certified Guitarist, Estaban Instructional Method Vol 1: Lead Guitar – Topsy has been on the scene as long as the scene has existed.  He may have even created the scene. Pairing fret board acrobatics with the uncanny ability to take writing credit for every song we play – he keeps us pumped up!  Did we mention Topsy is the reason wireless was invented?

“Watch for the changes and try to keep up”IMG_2844

Brian, Certifiable: Lead Vocals/Drums –   Drumming and singing at the same time is no easy feat – Brian does both – but he can also walk and chew gum, so there’s that…He can sing pretty high too…Also does a bad British accent…often (and unfortunately) on stage…

brian headshot

“That might have been a little fast…”


Tony, Winner, ‘Best Hair’ – pretty much everywhere he goes: Bass/Vocals –  As a child in the late 70’s, Tony started his career as a hair model for Pert and 4 decades later, he has worked his way up to a sponsorship from Suave. In his spare time he learned to play bass.  Tony is also the best dressed in the band.

IMG_9962 W  “Like my outfit?”

Paul/Jack: Sound Engineer/Lights – Paul makes us sound great and Jack makes us look great – what more can we ask?

Paul&Jack“Shut up Jack. – You shut up Paul!”

Brett Stephenson: Lead Guitar: Brett lost his battle with cancer in October 2015 – he is thought of and missed every day – he will always be a part of this band

Brett headshot“It was above average!”